Crazy Scuba Diving Photographer Swims With A Giant Anaconda

Swiss adventurer Franco Banfi came face to face with a twenty six foot anaconda while scuba diving in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

These incredible photos below show a giant anaconda searching for it’s next meal in the murky waters of the Amazon. These images were captured by professional photographer, scuba diver and snake enthusiast Franco Banfi.

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10 Photos That Show the Dangers of underwater diving

Ocean swimming may sound like an exciting activity, but it has some disadvantages. Understand that ocean swimming is not for everyone. It might appear as a blue paradise, deep and beautiful; it has several potential threats. In our article today, we are going to show you the potential dangers of swimming in the ocean.

  • Large Jellyfish

  • Hammerhead Sharks

Can you imagine being surrounded by multiple hammerhead sharks! In this case, I will have to disappear within a few seconds. Swimming in the ocean is scary and dangerous.

  • The Landscape

When you view an ocean from an aerial view, you will have a clear picture of what is under the water. However, in some cases, you are likely to notice that there are waterfalls, cliffs, and valleys below the surface of the ocean. It is something that you will not try out.

  • Meet the Orca

There are various creatures at the sea that you will not tolerate. Even though we read different blogs and articles that whales are not intimidating, it is advisable that you stay away. However, what if you meet with an orca face-to-face? It can quickly swat like a fly.

  • Surfing With the Shark

As we have said above, sharks are among the animals that you are likely to find at the ocean. Immediately you come across a shark; you might be shocked and try to run away. Avoid such incidences by not swimming at sea.

  • Who is Faster?

When you are in the ocean, many things are happening there. It does not mean that swimming will be only a sport or activity that you will be doing in the ocean. If you decide that you want to try kayaking, you can do it in the sea. While at sea, you will find different creatures that might come after you, such as the sharks.

  • Stingray Meditation.

If you have been asked to swim in the ocean, you should not; just don’t. In our picture, does this stingray appear as if it is smiling? Does it look happy that it has met a human being? The chances are that it is looking to its next prey.

  • Stingrays Everywhere.

As a swimmer, you need to be swimming where there is free space and where you can jump. However, in the ocean, it is different; you should not jump. With various stingrays, do not try to jump.

  • The Size of the Whale.

Do you know the size of a whale? Even though this creature is not dangerous to human, its size alone will not enable you to swim freely at the ocean. When you swim with a tiny boat, it will be scary when you compare it with the size of a whale.

  • Giant Crab.

Crabs are only edible when they are on the plate. However, what if you come across this giant crab while swimming in the ocean? Is it not shocking? Avoid ocean swimming because it is hazardous.

  • Deep-Sea Creatures.

As we said earlier in our post, swimming in the ocean is dangerous. Some deep parts of the sea have been explored, and they have shown us shocking creatures. In our picture, it is a creature that was discovered, and it does not appear friendly at all.

  • Deep Blue.

How big is the ocean? You might not understand this. However, the sea is very deep. When swimming in the sea, know that you are in a dangerous and deep place. Anything could happen.

  • Goblin Shark.

Swimming in the ocean is not an exciting sport based on the fact that many things are happening in the sea. Even though Goblin Shark might not be the dangerous sharks out there, it is the most frightening one.

  • Seaweed.

Seaweed is one of the significant water or ocean problems that have not yet been solved over the years now. If though you are swimming in an ocean that has few weeds, it is essential to know that it is not safe. You can be tangled in there, and no one will come to your rescue.

  • The abyss.

Is swimming one of your hobbies? Would you be willing to dive into this abyss? Oh No! For me, I would not. It appears to be more in-depth, and it is not safe. It is a straight no, and it is scary for anyone out there who has not tried diving or swimming in the ocean.